Start: September 1, 2020 – duration 20 mounths

This project arises from the need to attract attention to the education of gifted students using out of school learning areas. Museums are taken privately as out of school learning areas in this project as they are important cultural heritages of nations. We will both raise awareness for the education of gifted students and for the museums as out of school places as education should not be restricted in a classroom. So our main aim is to promote museums to be entertaining, creative,educational and functional institutions without excessive seriousness, and to be effective, sustainable and living institutions. In this way, we set an example of all other institutions as a learning model by their adopting our model and to promote these institutions’ functuonality. In this process, our objcetives are as follows:

-to help gifted students learn by doing out of school areas,

-to improve cultural dialogues between nations and transnations.

-to create a socialization area for gifted students as they need it.

-to raise awareness about the importance of out-of-school areas.

-to raise awareness for the museums as important cultural heritages.

The innovation of the project lies in the creation of specific activities in museums using the historical artifacts in these musuems as part of the activities. With the booklet and lesson plans which will be prepared by the participant educators will be important outputs of this project. As 4 partner organisation we come together to realize these objectives.

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